Following in Grandma Bobo’s Footsteps


Lia LOVES chocolate and can find it anywhere.  Elizabeth brought Dove chocolate Easter eggs one week and it was determined that they should be put up out of reach because they are a choking hazard.  Mommy noticed an ominous quiet while cooking dinner that night, and went into the living room to find a chocolate-smeared, very happy Lia munching away on her dark chocolate with a mouth full of foil.  Where she found it and how she figured out it was chocolate, we will never know.  But we DO know that she can smell chocolate a mile away.  Around Christmas time, she learned what a See’s candy box means and would get into it as often as possible.  She even found an old chocolate coin from the box I had used in bribing my children’s choir last year.  Smelled the chocolate and bit into it.

She comes by it naturally, I can’t complain.


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