Sleep Deprivation

I was reading an article in a magazine the other day.  It had a list of ‘symptoms’ to help you diagnose yourself.  Do you feel tired alot? (Uh, yes.)  Irritable?  (Me? Irritable? Never.) Have a hard time concentrating? (Thinking DOES give me a headache these days.)  Have a hard time accomplishing as much as you used to?  (YES YES YES!).
The result is a diagnosis:  I’m sleep deprived.
<gasp> Who would have guessed?
I was so relieved to have a ‘reliable source’ give it a name.  It was like a pat on the back–Leilani, you are not a substandard human, you are just suffering from typical mother-of-infant-dom sleep deprivation.  Wahoo.
And it’s just been getting worse.  As of the last week, Amelie has begun waking up at night every two hours, or less, and thinking that she needs a ‘smackerel’ of milk.  Won’t even take an afternoon nap without waking up half way through for a little snack.  (And I do mean, little snack…it’s definitely not hunger that is waking her up).  So I just keep getting tireder and tireder.
So last night I moved her co-sleeper to the opposite end of the room.  (And felt very sad, it’s the farthest I’ve ever slept from her…ah, the pangs of motherhood!)  And when she woke up at 11, I let Devo get up.
Her poor little heart just broke when she saw that it wasn’t Mommy and the midnight snack at her bedside.  But after awhile she began to see the fun in keeping Pappie awake and on his toes.  She especially enjoyed getting sips of water from Mommy’s glass.  I could hear her enthusiastic bubbles from where I was laying, incognito, on the bed.  She finally surrendered an hour and ten minutes later.  And a martyred father fell back into bed.
I fed her when she woke up at 2 (less than two hours later, what did I tell you!).  She was definitely hungry, and I was definitely ready to feed her.  So she had a Large meal and fell fast asleep until 5.  (Three hours, that’s a recent record!).  At which point, Devo took her out of the room to try for another hour to coax her to sleep.  I thought maybe I should feel guilty and stay awake in solidarity, but I surrendered to my lesser self and had a beautiful two hours of sleep.
Devo went back to bed after Lia and I got up and rescued him from a happy baby.  And since then he has been very tired.  And rightly so.  However, I must admit a certain sick satisfaction in his tiredness.  There’s nothing like a little walk in those proverbial shoes…
So tonight, we will continue on!  Don’t know who will be championing Round 2, but the game will probably move to the living room so that at least one of us can sleep well.
And speaking of sleep, it’s nap time, so I think I will go and…SLEEP.


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