When I Run

My current favorite writer, Barbara Curtis (check out her blog at www.mommylife.net), often quotes Eric Liddel (one of the runners in that old classic, Chariots of Fire…if you haven’t seen it recently, it’s time to watch it again):

“When I run, I feel God’s pleasure.”

It got me to thinking…what would I put in that quote?

When I    ?    , I feel God’s pleasure.

I thought about it for awhile and I decided that whatever fills that blank for me needs to go beyond just being good at something.  There are many things that I’m good at, and I like to do them, but they don’t necessarily have that spark, that feeling that I am called to do them.

Here are the two things that I came up with:

When I am a wife to my husband and a mother to my children, I feel God’s pleasure.  And am I being faithful to this?  Doing a pretty good job, I think.  Or at least, trying to, which counts for alot.

When I sing, I feel God’s pleasure. I have not been so faithful with singing.  To be sure, I have had a hard time finding where it connects with the more pressing concerns of motherhood.  Devo and I debate this every now and then.  When am I supposed to sing?  I am not willing to leave my children at night to sing.  I am not willing to leave my children with other people at church to sing (hazards of being married to a pastor).  So, a few months ago I finally figured it out:

At this time in my life, I sing for my children.

And we have a wonderful time in the stolen moments here and there where both children are happy and Mommy has closed her ears to the call of housework.  Lia thinks that vocal warm-ups are perfect dancing music–she has a different dance for each warm-up–with Amelie jumping enthusiastically in her jumper.  It has been so refreshing, reassuring, rewarding, to begin practicing again the last few months.  I have not lost Mozart and Faure and Schubert out of my life!  Only the venue and audience has changed.
But I need to be more faithful.  Practicing gets squeezed in randomly and squeezed out by things that are not related to ‘God’s pleasure’.  Simplify!  Concentrate on what is really important!

I would love to know how you would fill this:

When I         ?        , I feel God’s pleasure.

And, one step further, does your life reflect it?


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