For When Things Get Too Serious


Came across this article in the Competitor magazine at our weekly Jamba Juice run.  I clipped it to put up somewhere where I can see it.  Perfect antidote for when things get too serious…you know, when it seems like the future of humankind is balancing on something as vastly important as, say, a board meeting.

Sunscreen, a Little Spray Paint, & a Really Cheap Bike
by Bob Babbitt

PS: Heidi, the Jolly Ranchers made me think of you!


3 thoughts on “For When Things Get Too Serious

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  2. hey!

    a friend of mine, steve brown (he used to be the race director at IM Canada, now he is the RD of Ultraman Canada), was wanting a copy of this story to put on the wall of his runnign store.

    i don’t have one or a link to it – do you? i can send it off to him and he’d be jazzed.

    let me know when you get a minute,


  3. Hey Cory,

    How cool to hear from you!!! I have many times thought of you and that article…

    I noticed the other day that the link to the article was missing. Luckily I tore the article out of the magazine…only, I filed it in a “safe place”. When (and if) I unearth it, I will post it and send you a copy.

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