Sorting Buttons


Here is Lia sorting buttons, a la Montessori.  With an islandy touch.  I was reading (Barbara Curtis again) about how to reinforce the left-to-right movement in preparation for reading.  Last week we simply sorted the buttons by color and size (using the pincer grasp in preparation for writing skills!).  This week I looked at the picture in BC’s book, and they were sorting from one bigger bowl into smaller bowls.  And I thought, wow, this looks familiar!  I went hunting in the game closet, and sure enough, there was my shell game board from Guam.  (Also known as “chungka”.)  Brilliant!

Still no luck in engaging Lia in my cool read-on-a-ring thing.  I think she can sense my eagerness.  Maybe I should try reverse psychology.  I tried it out on Emma today, but she wasn’t too interested either.  Well, I think it’s fun, so there.


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