Another evidence of the strength of genes and the possibility that nature might be equal with nurture…

I think that Lia has swiped a stick of butter and snuck off with it three or four times now.  The last time was when I thought she was taking a nap last week.  But no, she was hiding under her blanket eating butter.  (She then proceeded to swipe Devo’s laptop as well and ‘type’ with her sticky butter fingers).  I can’t get too upset, for while we certainly don’t model or advocate anything but the most sparing of butter usage…

I have very clear memories of going to the fridge (when no one was around, of course) and taking a bite of the butter.  And it was very yummy, so I always went back for more.  Family lore follows this up by reporting small finger swipes in the sour cream.  “Medicine”, I called it.  (The best time to taste the sour cream was when Grandma was watching MASH.  I remember this, and I must have been, what, three years old?)

I got this in an email from my Grandma today:


When I was about Lia’s age – GpaK was in Med school.
I don’t know if this was before Maralyn or after.  Gma took
me (us) on the bus to Pendleton to see her mother – Gma
Skinner (it was Bokish then)   Uncle Kenny was less than
3 years older that I – – –

Gma had some kind of restaurant.  Kenny took me behind
the bar where there were little plates with little pats of
butter on them.   MMMMMM.   Did we have fun.   Don’t
know how many I (we) ate before we were discovered.
some genes seem to be very strong.

It will be interesting to see if any of my grandchildren inherit this particular trait.


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