I hate having to give these blogs a title.  I mean, how many times can I put “misc.” down?
It was a busy day.  Rainy in the morning.  One of our patches of earth in the backyard flooded.  Worrisome for future grass health.  Lia wondered what would happen if she stepped in the large puddle with her Sabbath sandals and tights on.  She found out–two minutes before we needed to head out the door to make it on time to Sabbath School.  Afraid I overreacted.  I heard Barbara Curtis in my head encouraging me to see this through the eyes of a two-year old discovering her world, instead of through the eyes of a less-adventuresome adult.  But Barbara didn’t speak to me soon enough, and I started scolding her.  It didn’t help that Amelie was fussing incessantly, Lia was suddenly unable to take off her shoes and tights, and that darn clock kept ticking.  But we overcame, and I quickly resumed a normal tone of voice and an understanding attitude, with only a barely detectable overtone of fraught nerves.

In Children’s Church today, Karen was leading the kids through an interactive telling of when Paul cast the demon out of the slave and got thrown in jail.  It was most interesting to hear the sudden enthusiasm when encouraged to call out, “Go to jail, go to jail!”  An enthusiasm which continued through, “Beat them, beat them!”.  Kids were actually jumping to their feet and shaking their fists.  A surprising difference between that and the more subdued “Be an example like Jesus.”  Is there just something innate in human beings that we have a tendency towards rioting?

Janeen’s baby shower went off without a hitch.  Lots of well-wishers, too many sweets.  My favorite part, though, was after everything had been cleaned up and a few of us just sat around.  The children had open-mic night for kids under the age of 10.  Jasmin has the makings of a talk show or radio host.  Lia sang the cutest songs, including many renditions of the Veggie Tales song (known in our house as the “wedgie tale” song).  Amelie laughed and cooed when it was her turn.  And Roshann wanted to know if there was another microphone that I could set up so she could have her own.  Emma came along later and told us the story of Baby Moses, almost verbatim from the ‘My Bible Friends’ version.
I so rarely just sit and do nothing.  I almost don’t know how.  But I did a good job tonight.  It was a perfect time–my children were peaceful and happy, I didn’t have anything my conscience thought I needed to be doing, and I had good friends to chat with.  It’s a great life, what can I say.


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