Enduring Grace…part 2

A few more thoughts from “Enduring Grace”:

St. Teresa of Avila had originally chosen her name to be “Teresa of Ahumada” (taking her mother’s maiden name). At some point during her life as a nun, she changed her name to “Teresa of Jesus”. The chapter on her life and writings ends with this conversation that is recorded:

“Who are you?” her Beloved had asked her one
“I am Teresa of Jesus,” she had murmured, “and who are
“I am Jesus–of Teresa.”

The book ends with St. Therese of Lisieux, the very saint that Mother Teresa chose her own name after. Therese is the saint of the “Little Way”. She is the one mystic in the book who is from late enough times that you can actually see a photograph of her (google).

When growing up, Therese asked her older sister Pauline “about fairness in heaven: Is glory distributed evenly or do the spiritual giants get more? Here is Pauline’s answer, recalled years later by Therese:
You sent me off to fetch one of Father’s big glasses and
had me put my little thimble by the side of it; then you
filled them both up with water and asked me which I
thought was the fuller. I had to admit that one was just as
full as the other because neither of them would hold any
more. That was the way you helped me to grasp how it
was that in Heaven the least have no cause to envy the
greatest.” (p. 197)


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