Blog Every Day

I guess this month is blog every day month, according to Janeen.  (As usual I think I have the gist of something, but not it’s exact title…oh well, you look it up.)  And here I’ve been missing it…

Because I was reading a great book called “The Way of the Heart”…spiritual disciplines for pastors, basically…and Henri Nouwen was talking about the power of words and the power of silence and I was so overcome I immediately deleted my last blog entry.  (It was very wordy and very stream of consciousness and very worthy of deletion).  And haven’t felt the blogging impulse since.  But, thanks to national whatever blog month, I’m ready to start again, maybe just a little more coherently this time.

But, of course, I hear Amelie squeaking in her crib and that reminds me that I have groceries to buy (thank goodness I’ve already passed the agony of $47 at the gas station…for only 3/4 tank), Youth Choir to plan and run, and dust bunnies to capture, and so maybe I will be going and come again later.

In lieu of something profound and personal, I offer this very interesting blog…you learn something new everyday!–

The Ladybug Letter is an open letter from Mariquita Farm to everyone with a curiosity about the people, practices, and politics of farming.


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