My Baby is Growing Up!

Lia’s Third Birthday is coming up this month. I can’t believe that she is already THREE! Just in the last few weeks she has suddenly turned into a three year old. She is tall and skinny. She has learned to “pretend”. She has learned to lie (we’re working very diligently on that one). And she has started saying really funny things…in total seriousness.

We have been having some great conversations with Barb and Tim about parenting, and I am struck over and over again about how similar parenting babies is to parenting teenagers. (And that is not a crack joke on teenagers, no matter how tempting.) I’m talking about giving them tools to become responsible adults (when it’s so tempting to just aim for well-behaved children), and being involved in their inner selves (talking and listening). I guess you could say that it is about learning to let go and hold on–at the same time. The principles are all the same, just the manifestations are different–Barb and Tim deal with things like myspace and friend problems, we deal with clearing dishes off the table and pushing. 🙂

We have asked our friends to NOT buy birthday gifts for Lia this year. (We are still getting lots of mileage out of last year’s great gifts, by the way). We bought her a trike and a mini shopping cart with fake food (we’re very excited about it!), but that’s it. We want to instill in Lia intrinsic values like love, friendship, investment in others, joy of life, and celebration.

Also, we don’t want the clutter of too many toys or the ‘mean-parent’ syndrome of giving them away when she’s already seen and liked them. (Or the guilt of re-gifting). Hehe.


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