Misc. #258

Holy Cow, I have proof that my readership is up to 4! I am so excited about this! Thanks Aimee, for going against the grain and commenting. I never commented either, until I started blogging myself…then I began to realize that blogging is like sending thoughts into the Great Expanse and having no idea if they ever go anywhere. I’m beginning to develop a serious love affair with comments.

Been doing a little research for a Thanksgiving special feature for church. Haven’t found any developable ideas that weren’t totally cheesy. But I have found some really great quotes and thoughts. Here are some of my favorites:

Happy We-Stole-Your-Land-And-Killed-Your-People Day!
–Thanksgiving toast from the movie Sweet November

What we say with our words is so much less important than what we mean with our lives.
–Mary Jo Leddy, Radical Gratitude

Here is a snippet of a choral song by incredible composer Eric Whitacre on e.e. cummings i thank you god for this most amazing… Click on the mp3 player on the left and choose “i thank you god”. Oh, so beautiful.

Also, the word ‘eucharist’ (as in, The Lord’s Supper, and no it is not a Catholic word, it is the Greek word) originally meant “thanksgiving, gratitude”. I would love to know how it made the leap from thanksgiving to the Lord’s Supper. Fascinating.

Lia woke up from her nap today and came out to the backyard where Devo was pushing Amelie around on a little scooter thing (and having a wonderful time). And Lia climbed on her new trike and took off pedaling, like she’s always known how to do it. (She’s been able to go a foot forward and then a foot back, but hadn’t gotten the hang of pedaling consistently). So off she goes, and we’re standing there with our mouths gaping open, only to watch her run smack into the garbage can. Hahaha, I guess she hasn’t figured out steering yet. (I got it on video, it’s hilarious).

We went to the track this evening. Lia ran half a mile.

Devo is off to Mexico for six days on Thursday. I’ve been kind of freaking out about it. Amelie has been very fussy the entire last week, and with Devo being busy and stressed, it’s just about torn my poor nerves to shreds. I’m just imagining more of the same, with no break, no relief. Eek. This is yet another time when I wish that our parents lived close by.
Poor little Amelie, she is just in between developmental stages and is bored with all the things she can do, but doesn’t know how to do anything new yet. So she gets frustrated very easily. I hope she learns to crawl this week…Lia always learns something big the week Devo is gone on the mission trip, maybe Amelie will follow suit.
Amelie is such a little sunshine–the other night at the birthday party I was going to put her to bed, so I took her around to everybody to say good night. So I would say, “Good night everybody”, and she would wave and say “bye, bye”…and then we’d go to the next group of people and do it again. It was so precious. She even waves when she’s nursing.
She has also been trying out her new tooth. She bit Uncle Greg’s finger with it. It’s very useful for eating bananas. And she likes to sharpen it on various unmentionable parts of Mommy’s anatomy. My first few yelps scared her and made her cry, but now she barely twitches and just resumes eating as if nothing had happened.


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