Messiah, Banks, and Eating

Just got back from a rehearsal with my Children’s Choir.  We are doing “Christmas Messiah for Young Voices” in two weeks, and everything is going along smashingly.  It really is going to be delightful.  I have read over and over again that children respond positively to ‘quality’ music, particularly the classics.  And I’ve wondered if maybe I’m doing something wrong, or choosing the wrong music, because over the last few years the kids have shown very little enthusiasm for the “legitimate” pieces I’ve chosen.  Getting them to learn Panis Angelicus, for example, was rather like pulling teeth.  And even when they finally learned it, they never developed any enthusiasm for it.
So I have been pleasantly surprised to find that, across the board, they LOVE the Messiah.  They have learned it so easily and sing it so beautifully.  I’m a little afraid that I’m going to blubber through the performance.  At best, I’m expecting many lump-in-throat moments.
Please come to our performance!  Sabbath, December 1, at 4pm in our church.  It will be less than an hour.
Sometimes you go to events just to support the people who are involved.  I think you can come to this program for the actual enjoyment of it.  🙂  Hope to see you there!

Devo is gone to Mexico.  We now have five days left to survive.  I have been thinking alot about a phrase we’ve adopted from Janeen… “putting money in the bank”.
Over the last few weeks when Devo has been extra-busy and extra-stressed and Amelie has been extra-fussy and Lia has been extra-boundary-testing-y, my sanity-patience-compassion-motherhoodjoy bank account has been severely taxed.  I think we can definitely say that it is overdrawn, in the red, bouncing checks left and right.  Not a nice way to begin 6 days of being alone with two small, precious children who deserve a happy, patient, present mommy .
A few months ago I/we decided that I was going to take 2 hours every day for myself.  One hour to work and accomplish something, and one hour for my self.  I hadn’t wanted to do it before, because every hour like that takes away from our family time and my husband time.  But I was feeling like I wasn’t even human anymore, so it became necessary.
And then it morphed into one hour per day, to use for whatever was more pressing, self or work.  And then it morphed further into one hour whenever it is convenient (maybe once or twice a week).  And that was actually fairly decent…I may not be thriving on one or two hours a week, but I was still feeling sane and happy and growing.
But what am I to do when we have a snowball effect like the last few weeks?  With my poor husband under enormous amounts of pressure and looming important deadlines…am I supposed to say, hey, let me add to your stress and give you two fussy children!?  It just doesn’t feel right, it feels selfish.
But now, looking back, maybe the hour or two would have been a decent trade for a happy wife who wasn’t grumping and snapping and moping and adding more expectations and pressure to an overloaded life.
I have decided that, in the matter of My Time, it is definitely a case of Quantity over Quality (isn’t that a predominantly female quality?).  I have to put a little into the bank at a time.  There is no such thing as a large deposit!  You can give me three or four hours to myself, but it only counts as one deposit.
So, I can only hope that there is such a thing as credit in this particular bank, or I’m going to be a stuttering idiot by the time Tuesday rolls around.

If you have 53 minutes to listen, check out Speaking of Faith–an interview with Barbara Kingsolver (Poisonwood Bible author) on the ethics of eating.  Or, you can read the transcript.


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