Day Four

It’s 1:10pm. I do know where my children are. Amelie is sleeping in her little crib and Lia is in her room patiently awaiting the timer to “beep-beep” and proclaim the end of her nap. What she doesn’t know that I set the timer for three hours.

I realized today that I’m often excited about the things that Lia already knows, but I can also be very enthusiastic about what she doesn’t know. Like how to read or understand a timer. Or how to decipher what I am spelling to other people. Or large words when I am speaking in code.

We speak in code a lot at our house. Jamba Juice, our Sunday tradition, is known as XX. It used to be known as JJ, but once she figured it out we had to get smarter. Now any two letters spoken together are recognized by Devo and I as being code for Jamba Juice. RR. SS.

Too bad Karen Lancaster (another lonely Mexico left-behinder) doesn’t know our code. I called to invite her to join us for our Sunday dinner today at XX, and I realized that she wouldn’t know what XX was. But she DOES know how to spell, so we are meeting her this evening for an early dinner. Lia and I will have Chocolate Peanut Butter Moo’d and apple-cinnamon pretzels. Ooh, unless I feel like a Heart Defender. Hmmm, decisions, decisions!

As you can see, we are now on Day 4 out of 6 of the Mexico trip. We passed the half way mark yesterday and good riddance. There have been a number of activities to keep us occupied, such as Taco Bell and Cinderella with Auntie Edna last night.


I was going to give you a run down on what we’ve been doing to keep ourselves occupied, but Lia has been calling out “Mama, Mama, MAMA!” for the last five minutes, presumably to tell me that Amelie is awake. Guess that 3 hour timer bit didn’t work today. So calm time is over and on we go into the afternoon!

Tally Ho!


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