I am pleased to announce that the Christmas Messiah For Young Voices was a success!  Sorry there are no pictures, but I can’t really conduct and take pictures at the same time.  Hopefully a parent will send me some.

It went soooo smoothly.  The mics were on, the lights were spectacularly on time (I loved when the lights came up bright right as “Hallelujah” chorus began…and the spots on beautiful Mary), the children were focused and confident (and they looked good), and I (for once) didn’t screw anybody up by missing cues!
I didn’t blubber as predicted, but I did have several teary moments:  When Elvin was playing the Procession of the Animals and the lights were on Mary, and we heard a faint, far off chorus of “baaaaa”.  The lambs and their shepherd were unbelievably funny and cute and touching as they trailed their way down the long aisle to see Mary and Baby Jesus.  Emma was particularly sweet, guiding Lia down the aisle by the shoulders and baaaing her little heart out.  We can call her the Queen of She-baa now.  Hahaha.  And Chelsea racing down past everyone, including Mary and Baby Jesus, to see her brother.  It was sweet.
Then there was Rachelle with her tender, “find a baby…wrapped in cloths…lying in a manger.”
And Bela’s sweet and pure “Come Unto Him”.  I gave Bela that solo because she asked for it–she told me that when she heard it, it “spoke to her heart”.  And when she sang it spoke from her heart to the hearts of the people listening.

Yes, so it was a success, and a calm success at that (read: Leilani was not stressed)!  We had 202 people present, far more than just the usual parents and grandparents with a few aunts and uncles thrown in for good measure.  The only sad thing was that the Christmas decorations weren’t up in the sanctuary (they were SUPPOSED to be, but there were scheduling problems).  It would have been beyond perfect with the Christmas lights.  Ah, well, next year.  I’m glad we did it so early in December…it’s the perfect way to start off the Christmas season…


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