On Your Mark, Get Set…

See, the thing about packing for a big trip is that it defies the essence of life itself. Real life, as we know and quote pious phrases about, is about the process, about the journey, about going with the flow. And suddenly, we’re supposed to stop! And not only are we going to stop, we’re going to stop with everything wrapped up, tied up (no, not tangled up with Jesus, you children’s songs lovers), put away, finished, squeaky clean. As if!
So I’m going to practice the art of imperfection and leave my house — wait for it — like it usually is. I’m going to say no yet again to my long-suppressed (so suppressed many don’t even know it’s there) Type A personality and blithely leave all the little details undone. I’m going to remember that, while South Africa is on the other side of the world, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have stores–which means that if I forget to pack anything other than my specialized TMJ splint, we can just buy it there. <gasp> O novel idea.
So La-Di-Dah. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah. Too-Loo-Roo. And TTFN, Ta-Ta-For-Now! See you when I get back!

PS: Okay, so I’m loath to go. Can I just say that the people I know possess incredible powers of memory and love? Walt L. just dropped off three jars of his delicious Christmas pomegranate jelly so that we could have it before we go. Shelley came over and took charge of our garage door opener and my orchid. Carmen stopped by after a heart wrenching day that ended with a three hour drive on the 91, just to hug and kiss the girls goodbye. Akira remembered that we were leaving tomorrow and called to say goodbye. Pastor Dave took the time to hand-deliver a gift from the church in the middle of a very busy day. And Janeen, of course, remembered to call…and at a good time of day, too! Amazing!
Okay, I’m going again.


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