We’re Back (?…!)

We got back from South Africa on Monday afternoon.  At least, I think it was Monday.  And today is Friday, which means that there have been five days at home and somehow I think that I wasn’t here for some of those days.
It was a very long trip.  36 hours when I stopped counting because my head was going around in circles and I wasn’t sure which way was up and if I should put my baby down before I crashed to the floor.  The last three hours were interminable.  I actually felt pangs of true claustrophobia when we were waiting to get off of the plane.  I tried to envision myself back in the miles and miles of gentle rolling hills in Mpumalanga and repress the urge to shriek and throw myself and a crying, clinging Lia who was plastered to my body, and the car seat that I was NOT leaving behind (you need car seats to get home) over the seats and all the people towards the door and freedom.  Luckily the line started moving quickly, because the visualization was not working.
Other than that, it was a pretty decent trip back.  I like coming back because the long flight (8 hours, 1 hour stop in Dakar…that’s Senegal, in case you didn’t know either…in which you can’t get off the plane, and then another 8 hours to Atlanta) comes first.  And then by the time you’re going insane, you only have another 5 hours, not another 10.
I saw a number of really lame movies and acquired a new perfume…apple compote.  It helps you to truly acquire a scent if you are drenched in it and then unable to move for the next 6 hours.  Of course I decided at the last minute to put my set of clean clothes in the luggage and not in the carry-on…after all, I didn’t need them last time.
Lia watched Dora the Explorer at least 7 times, without earphones.  She also enjoyed the polar bear movie.  Amelie’s favorite time on the plane is meal time, because then there are lots of things to grab and pull, like cups of orange juice, entrees, or…apple compote.
By the way, never order vegetarian meals on Delta.  They have decent, mostly vegetarian options for the regular meals.  And if you order vegetarian meals, you have to sit with your fifth meal of disgusting roasted vegetables and watch while people all around you enjoy things like pasta or pancakes.
We’ve been in a bit of a time warp, due partly to jet lag and partly to Lia’s case of the stomach flu.  But we’re managing none-the-less to carry forth and do important things like laundry (puke-covered towels) and shampooing the (puke-covered) carpets and eating bean burritos.  Mexican food has not yet truly been introduced in South Africa (you can order nachos at Spur, but it comes with cottage cheese on it), so we have been making up for lost time.
I have a long list of blog entries to write about South Africa, we really had a wonderful wonderful wonderful time.  Hopefully over the next few days I can take advantage of Lia’s unusual number of naps and get the pictures and stories up from our trip.


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