Poor & Uneducated

Apparently I’m planning to be poor and uneducated.

Barbara Curtis posted an AP Medical story by Mike Stobee today about the rising number of births in the US.  Interesting, if not necessarily profound.  My favorite quote was this:

“Experts believe there is a mix of reasons [for the increase in births]: a decline in contraceptive use, a drop in access to abortion, poor education and poverty.” [italics mine]

Now, we’re planning/hoping to add two or three more babies to our family in the future, thus passing by far the national average of 2.1 children per family.
That would definitely imply a decline in contraceptive use.
And apparently only the poorly educated would be, well, poorly educated enough to have more than 2.1 children.  I guess that means that it’s all those PhD-ers that know to limit themselves to 2.1 children.
(Why is education a factor in child-bearing and family size?  More school, less interest in subjecting other humans to the trials and tribulations of 17+ years in a classroom?  More study, less time for you-know-what?)

As for the last reason, I suppose that once our family has grown to four or five children and we are all living on one (pastor’s) salary, we probably will be poor, very poor.


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