Grandpa Jim Visits





My <biological> dad is here for a short visit this week…all the way from Alaska. What better way to celebrate a grandpa’s visit than by going to Disneyland?  (Our passes expire Feb. 8–at this point we are celebrating everything by going to Disneyland).  We had a great day…it was raining a little, so it scared off all the Southern Californians and we had the park basically to ourselves.  I mean, a five minute wait at the most?  How much better can it get?  

To see the rest of the pictures, go here to our photo albums.  Make sure to appreciate the increased quality of the photos…it’s the debut of our new camera!  Woohoo!

Over the past month we have been with family in South Africa, then my cousin Lea came for a visit, and now “Grandpa Jim”.  It has been gratifying and wrenching to watch our children instantly bond with each person, as though they instinctively know that these people belong to them.  Living so far away from everyone, we generally rely on our great friends here to fill up that “family gap”.  But when all is said and done, there is nothing like family and it’s just terrible that we live so far away.

When I was growing up, my mom always made an effort (including large financial sacrifices) to make sure that I had the opportunity to visit my family, and my life has been enriched by a sense of belonging.  (Thanks, mom!)  So we want that same thing for our children.  That’s why we spend an exorbitant percentage of our money on plane tickets and that’s why I’ve hung pictures of our family members on the walls in the girl’s room.  We want to nurture a sense of family in every way we can.

So, does anyone else want to come visit us?  ‘I’m completely at my leisure…’  (Who knows where that quote is from?  It’s one of my favorite movies…)


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