What the World Eats



I received a forward from a good friend of mine today that caught my attention.  A brief search on google produced the source of the email.  It is a TIME magazine photo essay based on Peter Menzel’s Book “Hungry Planet: What the World Eats”.    Very provocative.

At the end of the forward was the moral of the story–

“Don’t know about you, but right about now I’m counting my blessings.”

I blanched.  Mouth hanging open.

What was that person trying to say????  Let me guess…

–I’m blessed because I can buy all kinds of c&*p to feed my family with.  

–I’m thankful for the (underpaid) people who labor in factories or pick in chemically laden fields.  

–I’m blessed because I can order in pizza while other people don’t have enough money to buy food–or–don’t have enough food to buy.  

Might I suggest that, if this photo essay prompts us to count our blessings, maybe we should look at them another way.  How about…

–I’m blessed because I’m in a position to make good choices about the food my family eats.  My money and my choices can buy locally, buy organically, buy fair-trade, or grow my own food(!).

–I’m blessed because I am in a position to help my sisters and brothers who do not have access to enough money or enough food.

That sounds a little better.  

And stop drinking so much soda.



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