The Farmer in the Dell

The soundtrack to my life has recently added a new hit single…The Farmer in the Dell

Some thoughts on The Farmer in the Dell on the 368th listen:

Rather patriarchally oriented if you stop to think about it. “The farmer takes a wife…”. If we’re going in that direction, why not squeeze in a few extra words? Then we’ll have “The farmer raidstheneighboringvillageand takes a wife”. Try singing THAT.

The game itself is a lovely child’s version of Jesus’ abolishment of hierarchy. Think of it…the child who doesn’t get chosen in this round has all the fun of being the Farmer in the next game. (The first shall be last and the last shall be first…)

My absolute favorite part, however, is when the music slows and everyone belts out “THE CHEESE STANDS ALONE”. Now, doesn’t that ring true to life?


One thought on “The Farmer in the Dell

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