Blog unnamed

 So I am still enjoying “Spinning in my teacup” for a blog name.  

But in my heart of hearts, I really prefer the title “Spacious Place”.  One of many places you can find it is Psalm 18:19.  Here, listen (or read, since you can’t hear me muttering at the computer screen):

“He brought me out into a spacious place;

He rescued me because he delighted in me.”

Ahhhhhh.  THAT’S what I want my life to feel like.  That’s who I truly am.  Sometimes.

But there are problems.  

First problem–another 1,180,000 stay-at-home-mothers have already latched and leeched on to that brilliant idea.

Problem #2–imagine what my blog entries would sound like with a title like that.  I would have to be profound, esoteric, touchy-feely, preachy, and waft-like.  There would be no more Psalm #23s, no more Farmer in the Dells, or Boogers.  I would have to be serious and spacious all the time.  And anytime I write something serious, I break out in hives.  The preachy factor freaks me out.  And goodness knows the wide world of web does not need another preachy blog.  Besides, if it WAS preachy, then I couldn’t read it, because I have taken a vow not to read preachy blogs.

So, with all that, I think that I’m going to be spacious, but still spin in a teacup.  It’ll just have to be a spacious teacup.

[IMPORTANT ALERT:  Lia has just figured out how to cut in a straight line with her scissors!  Wow!  The adrenaline of achievement is surging!]


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