Amy the Rat

We have officially succumbed.

Succumbed to what, I’m not sure, but it involves a fever, a sore throat, snot, and a cough. But I’m sure you are not interested in hearing stories involving being bathed in small-child snot. (Although, perhaps, you might find it useful to know that light pink is an excellent color shirt to wear for its snot-camouflaging qualities. Black is not recommended.) Therefore, I will look back a few days to happier, cleaner times and catch you up on what happened last weekend.

Sabbath morning I rigged up our home photo studio (blanket clipped to the stairs and all available lamps shanghaied into use) and took a few photos of my cherubs.

This is why I don’t believe in going to professional photo studios.


And then on Saturday night, Greg (Devo’s best friend) & Allison came over to announce their ENGAGEMENT! They asked Lia to be the flower girl…she is VERY excited).

And we met Amy the Rat, Allison’s pet rat. I guess the red eye reducer doesn’t work too well with rats.


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