Long Learning Curve

Sakes alive!  WordPress, my new blogging medium, has a long learning curve for people like me (people who think they’re computer savvy, but are apparently just fooling themselves).  I’ve almost thrown in the towel a number of times and am tempted yet again to give it up and go back to good old iWeb of the click-drag-drop variety.  (I won’t tell you how long it took me to figure out how to put pictures in a post).But no! I must persevere!  WordPress is really cool (after you’ve invested several hundred hours wandering around in their support and forum sites, which are really very helpful…I just have so many questions).  For example, tonight I went to my dashboard and was able to see how many people have viewed the blog, what sites they navigated to the blog from, which posts were most viewed, and a variety of other interesting information.  These kinds of details are particularly gratifying in times of meager comments (that’s a hint, btw).  I was able to see exactly how many people took Janeen’s advice to come over and see my blog.  There is something very powerful in that kind of knowledge.Well, I’m off to squander <cough>, I mean, invest another 30 minutes trying to find out the answers to my most current wordpress quandry…where on earth are these Pages templates everyone is talking about???? 


2 thoughts on “Long Learning Curve

  1. You are my hero! In fact, I’m so inspired, I am actually thinking about moving my Children’s Ministries blog to WordPress. Maybe you can be my WordPress Yoda? Blessings on you and your wonderful little family.

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