Figuring Things Out

I finally figured out why I have had the patience of a gnat the last few days…I had one hour sans children last week. Somehow the days slipped by and I forgot to claim my one hour of sanity time each day. No wonder I’m going crazy. What happened to all my well-meaning, determined resolutions to protect myself and my children from maternal insanity?

I celebrated this enlightenment by spending a delightful hour in Barnes & Noble today paging through gardening books and getting a crick in my neck. I got home with a book on Mother Theresa, and two books by Henri Nouwen…guess what you’re going to be hearing about in the near future. I resisted buying the book on bath towel origami and am thinking that might be something I will forever regret. But I don’t want Devo (and our bank account) to freak out everytime I go to B&N, so I resisted and am hoping for the best.

In other news, I finally figured out how to get html code/css to load onto my blog!!!!!! (In other words, I can alter the blog layout to be what I want). I, out of sheer persistence, figured out that (very important) gap in wordpress’s helpful instructions. And to prove it, I changed the title of the blog to lowercase. See it? And in the process somehow lost those lovely tabs for the home/about/etc pages. Oops. But I will find them. Eventually.

I also spent time last night defining my blogging purpose and making a comprehensive plan for the blog’s layout (per wordpress’s helpful instructions and suggestions). I will tell you all about it later, but I will leave you with this quote as a foretaste:

People create stories create people; or rather stories create people create stories. –Chinua Achebe


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