I’ve Been Lost in Space

Sorry, guys, for the absence of true, nitty-gritty blog stuff.  I’ve been lost in Henri Nouwen, happily lost, mind you, but lost nonetheless.  If I had tried to write while fully submerged in his writings, I would have sounded like just like Henri Nouwen himself.  Only incoherent and disjointed.  And more enthusiastic.

But I finished “Reaching Out” last night (finally!) and I’ve learned a lot (and forgotten a lot) of really profound things.  My favorite is the concept of Creating Space.  Creating space in your life (solitude).  Creating space between people (hospitality).  Creating space inside your heart (prayer).

Unfortunately, I am unable to elaborate on those concepts without sounding like the aforementioned stuttering idiot.  So I send you forth to read his books for yourself and come away with a totally different concept that speaks to your life.


One thought on “I’ve Been Lost in Space

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