Happy 1000th!!

Congratulations to me…or to my blog, rather.

Last week marked the 1,000th visit to my blog.  !!!  Not counting my own visits, of course. And, being distracted, I totally let it pass by without comment!  Shame!
One of the best, most interesting perks of wordpress is that you can view your blog stats.  It has all kinds of information, such as what people searched for in order to find the blog, what other sites referred people to you, what posts were clicked on, etc. etc. etc.

So I can confidently say THANK YOU! to Lissette, whose blog consistently refers the most people.  With runner up Timgineer’s Laura following closely behind.

As for searches, apparently people like to search for things regarding teacups (there is an elusive ‘teacup prayer’ that many people seem to be looking for).  Examen of consciousness brings in the most searches, hands down.   And then there are the random searches like my personal favorite, “aims for a human baby growing up”.

First 1000 visits, I salute you.   May the next 1000 visits come quicker than the last.


2 thoughts on “Happy 1000th!!

  1. congratulations! Thanks for all the work you do so I can keep up on all the family happenings! Love the recipes – and of course the pictures of my beautiful girls!

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