The Gospel According to Cinderella

While I was teaching a piano lesson this week (okay, let me not mislead you, I only teach one piano lesson a week, and this was it), Lia was playing with Ruth, mother of said student. Lia Cinderella climbed up on the fireplace and was preaching a sermon to Ruth:

Jesus this, Jesus that, Jesus died on the cross.

Brief segue in true homiletic form, as befits pastoral spawn.

Cinderella this, Cinderella that, beautiful dress.

Nuggets of theological wisdom from Cinderella:

Devo: Lia, why does Jesus love you?
Lia: ‘Cause my heart is so happy.
Devo: Why does Jesus love you?
Lia: ‘Cause…’cause…’cause that’s the end.

Jesus went to bed.
Jesus has to save the headband.
Jesus’ friend was John the Bath-tist.
Jesus didn’t want to die.


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