Happy 1st Birthday, Amelie!

A year ago, I was in the throes of labor.  This year,  I was relaxing on the beach.  Eating cake.

Now a firmly established tradition, our babies get their first bite(s) of chocolate cake on their first birthday.  We believe in starting our children off right.


She liked it so much…


…Houdini went back…


…and helped herself to some more.


Happy Birthday, sweet Amelie!


I just had to throw this one in here…aren’t they darling?


3 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday, Amelie!

  1. Happy Birthday my sweet Amelie! You are so beautiful! I agree, chocolate cake if wonderful! I am so glad you went to the beach. So fun! If she like the cold waves she’s going to love the warm ocean!

    We can hardly wait!

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful little one! I am so glad that you have had a healthy first year of your life. God bless you! I thought of you on your birthday and now I see that you had a wonderful day!

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