Being Green, Challenge 2

I must have super powers. I had no idea that today begins Earth Month. Or that April 22 is Earth Day. I am now more groupie-ish than I thought I was going to be. You can be a groupie with me. Come on, it’s for a good cause.

Therefore, in honor of Earth Month, I hereby pledge to blog about earth-y, green things as often as possible. Possibly even every day. But don’t count on it. I’m a mother. Things happen.


Goal #1 To reduce the amount of garbage in your garbage can by 1/3 and thus reduce your contribution to the local landfill.

Challenge #2

Compost. Ouch, I’m just jumping right in with a big commitment. Especially for the non-gardener folk. Or the people with no backyards. But never fear, I have easy suggestions for you.

First, though, why should you compost? Well, if you eat any fresh fruits or vegetables, there are going to be remains. And if you eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you are supposed to, there is going to be a big pile of discarded peelings and trimmings and cores. All of which is biodegradable with the ability to replenish and nourish the soil from whence it came. Which is of absolutely no use if you throw all of that good stuff into a plastic garbage bag and toss it into the garbage can.

There are enough things going into the landfill that have no where else to go. Show your love and compost!

How to Compost:

1) Build your own composting system. It can be as easy as nailing together five wooden pallets (one for the bottom, and four to make a box), or as elaborate as a three-bin system.

2) Buy a compact, hassle-free system. I like to think of it as Composting for Wimps. Haha. Just kidding. This is what I aspire to.

Do a little research and off you go. If you don’t have a place to use your compost, I’m sure there is a next-door neighbor who would love to take it off your hands.


One thought on “Being Green, Challenge 2

  1. We really need to get back in the habit of composting. Seems like those piles of vegetable peelings breed flies…there must be a better way!

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