Being Green, Challenge 3

Goal #1 To reduce the amount of garbage in your garbage can by 1/3 and thus reduce your contribution to the local landfill.Challenge #3
Scorn one-time-use, disposable items. The insidious evil of convenience lurks at every corner. Let’s see how long of a list I can make without stopping to think:
paper plates, cups, utensils, paper towels, bibs, wipes, diapers, mop covers, toilet cleaners, eyeglass cleaners, swiffers, sippy cups, food storage containers, baby food storage containers, cameras, water bottles….
Next time you look at something conveniently disposable in the store JUST SAY NO. Go against societal norms. Be inconvenienced with a passion. Wash more dishes.


4 thoughts on “Being Green, Challenge 3

  1. Does it count if use said conveniently disposable items more than once? See, I buy disposable sippy cups and changing pads so that I don’t have to feel bad when the sippy cups eventually get left in the car and go rotten and subsequently get thrown away. Or, changing pads that will no doubt be left behind in some strange bathroom or used to mop up a giant explosion or they get used until thread bare and then get tossed. So, do you think it counts?

  2. I have been feeling this concept lately with Austin’s lunch container. He lost the lunch bag at the beginning of the year and I have been giving him his lunch in a zip lock bag which he throws away every day. Ok, that’s it! I am buying him a new lunch box today!! Thanks Leilani. I needed that push.

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