Slow, Deep…Carrot Juice?

At the end of dinner tonight (early, for once), Lia somehow tipped over the bottle of carrot juice and then sat back to enjoy watching it cascade like a bright orange waterfall over the edge of the table and onto the floor. And the legs of the chairs. And the wall. And a few other places I’m sure I haven’t discovered yet. After mopping up the Carrot Sea (and somehow managing to keep both children out of it…I was astonished at my mothering prowess), I still managed to do the dishes AND make it to yoga on time.

At yoga tonight we did Slow Deep Stretch. Which is pretty much exactly like it sounds…slow…deep…stretch. I think I was in Pigeon Pose, communing with my tight hip flexors when I saw it. An unidentified shiny spot on my ankle. I looked closer and turned towards the light. Yep, it was orange. A stray droplet of carrot juice.

Snickering is not cool during Slow Deep Stretch.


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