You Haul

Sorry for the long unexplained silence. We’ve been moving concrete. More specifically, moving the concrete from large piles in our back yard to the rented Uhaul truck (this experience has given new meaning to the idea YOU haul), from the truck to the dump. To be recycled. I’m very pleased with myself about that.

And we’ve been doing this basically non-stop since Sunday afternoon. (It’s now Tuesday evening).

It’s been long. It’s been hard. It’s been ugly. But it’s done. Mostly. And good riddance. I spit on concrete.

I’m going to heroically resist the urge to regale you with my many aches, pains, scratches, and bruises (but amazingly no sunburn). Partly because I respect you as friends. And partly because I’m tired. And partly because my fingers are cramping.

Pics to come later.


4 thoughts on “You Haul

  1. Hey we are moving this month so I think the concrete hauling experience was an excellent “training” opportunity for you guys. Now I expect to see you at the Debbie Move -a-thon!

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