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It’s official. We have finished all the hard work. Gardening has finally lost it’s underlying (or overwhelming, depending on the day) sense of UGH, THERE’S SO MUCH TO DO. Now we are like people out of a Lucy Maud Montgomery book–going into raptures over flowers and breezes and trees. I’m thinking of naming our tree. We’ve already named the two resident lizards. Gus and Jacque. Like from Cinderella. We’ve tried out several names on our hummingbird, but none have been dainty enough. We need something Tinkerbell-ish. Any ideas?

Here is our newly unearthed corner. We spent a very happy several hours in the garden on Mother’s Day. We went to the nursery (with our Jamba Juice, it was Sunday, after all) to pick up things to put in the new corner, but they didn’t have anything I was looking for. I came home with white petunias and blue-purply lobelia. I wanted white because this is the section in front of our bedroom sliding door and I had read that white flowers make beautiful moonlight gardens. I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have a beautiful garden view even at night? And, there has to be some benefit to living in sub-urban Southern California–the residual glow from the thousands of new homes provides fake moonlight every night. The white petunias will glow no matter what the moon is doing. Finally, visual pollution finds a purpose.

But more seriously, I’m not quite sure about the petunias. I have (mostly) forgiven them for having such an inelegant name as petunia. I would like a cow named Petunia, but not necessarily a friendly flower. Semantics aside, they just seem a little too showy for what is otherwise a very delicate and understated garden so far. I don’t know, what do you think? Petunias or no petunias?

(We’re going to keep the bright and showy perennial on the left. The one in watermelon stripes with dirty feet.)

This is the Corn Corner. We planted seeds and they grew. I can hardly believe it. Aren’t they pretty? The sprouts in between are hopefully the cilantro we interplanted. Cilantro is supposedly a good companion plant to corn. Towards the front we have a red bell pepper and a green bell pepper with lemon verbena in the middle. I must say that out of all the plants I have discovered over the last year, lemon verbena has been one of my favorites. Phlox is in between the peppers and lemon verbena.

Can we talk for a moment about phlox?  I never thought I would like phlox, judging from it’s ugly spelling.  Phl…that’s like a medication or something out of a biology book.  And then add on ox and you’re really expecting something cold and stiff and waxy.  Phlox.  It looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book.  Phlox the ox sat on a box.  But it is such a beautiful little flower!  Delicate, unassuming.  Luckily phlox is fun to say.  It sounds soft.  Phlox.  Maybe I’ll start spelling it “flocks”.  Like a flock of fluffy gentle sheep.  Or a lock of curly hair.  It’s other name is “Sweet William”.  Is that any better?

In the lower right corner is the pumpkin plant. Like pumpkin pie pumpkin. There is an unidentified sprouting leftover from the previous garden next to it. I think that it might be columbines. But time will tell.

On the upper left corner are bush beans getting properly bushy. (This is so exciting…it means that my plants are actually growing.) And right below the bush beans you can see a little bit of a black pot that has my newest surprise acquisition. Lemon grass. Hello lemon grass iced tea on a hot summer day. And Thai food.


6 thoughts on “Gardening Stuff

  1. How loverly!! I got out in my veggie garden yesterday – planted the tomatoes, celery and broccoli. I have chives, oregano and parsley that have survived the winter and returned, much to my delight. And yes, I love phlox. I have white phlox and pink phlox, upright and creeping, and a new addition this year known as Little Laura. I can’t wait!

  2. How is Emily???? What did she have? How many does she have now? Heidi is getting married? to who? Good grief ! So much is going on!

  3. My idea for the bird name is “Aithley” It means Born in a garden….that’s the best one I have so far…I’ll keep looking 🙂

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