Evening Dribble

I got bit by three mosquitos while reading Lia’s bedtime story on the porch swing this evening. Either that or the same mosquito bit me three times.

We saw Pastor Stuart coming out of the church during our evening walk. He stopped to show the girls a picture of Lia on his iPhone and I caught a glimpse of his wallpaper. It was Vermeer’s Girl With a Pearl Earring–the painting I’ve got my eye on for our bare walls. I am, for the first time in my life, becoming interested in art. Vermeer is luring me in. Look at her. Talk about mysterious. I don’t think Mona has anything on this girl. I think that my life and my children’s life would be better if we saw her every day, don’t you?

Pastor Stuart actually has the whole history of art on his iPhone. Several hundred paintings all categorized by period. When he’s on a plane, he just chooses which period/style of art he is feeling like and has it all at his fingertips.

Devo got me the greatest Mother’s Day gift…an iPod nano, with a docking station.  I had mentioned a while back that I wish I had one despite my disdain for doodads and techno stuff.  But you see, Lia loves music, any kind of music, every kind of music.  She will begin to dance to whatever music is playing…obviously it something she is gifted in.  So I keep a big CD player on the kitchen counter and try to play a variety of music–Bach to Chris Tomlin to English Renaissance to children’s Bible songs to U2.  But I was thinking how much more well-rounded we would be if all the different styles of music were to shuffle through, instead of listening to one album at a time and having to sort through (and put away) CDs.  Hence, the desire for an iPod and docking station.  So that was Devo’s gift to me as a Mother on Mother’s Day.  Isn’t that sweet and thoughtful?

Speaking of being a mother…today has marked a return of the big W word. WHY. I wish I had begun counting this morning, because I’m sure that Lia asked WHY no less than several hundred times today. As a general rule, I welcome inquisitive questions, but today’s epidemic was…exhausting.

Lia and I read a book today called The Story of May by Mordicai Gerstein. It is a whimsical, charming story of the months and seasons of the year. And the illustrations! So much ‘scope for imagination’. (Yes, I have been on an Anne of Green Gables kick. Bear with me here). I want to get more of his books.

Maybe you’ve noticed my new ticker in the sidebar. 29 days until we go to Guam. My grandparents are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary, along with my Grandma’s 80th birthday and we are going to join in the fun and merriment. Also, my cousin Heidi is going to get married (she wants Grandpa to marry them) while everybody is there. The wedding is going to be on the beach with an island BBQ for a wedding feast. With some Indian food. What an ideal wedding–get married, go snorkeling.


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