That’s My Girl!

We were in Lowe’s this evening, sipping our Jamba Juice and picking up tomorrow’s activities (white dahlias, impatiens, a pink geranium, stakes for the tomatoes, and my much coveted hydrangeas!) when Lia RECOGNIZED JASMINE!  She goes running back down the aisle.  “Pappie, pappie, look!  Jasmine!  Smell it, pappie, it smells so good!”

I was so proud I would have burst my buttons, except that I was wearing a t-shirt.  It’s Sunday, after all.  It’s a dream come true–my children are being raised in a garden!  That’s my girl!


3 thoughts on “That’s My Girl!

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  2. that is so cool. I have always dreamed of being a gardener. Is this taking away from your pleasure – to know that you are living out your mother’s dream?!?!?!

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