We Like Sheep

After five months of work, my Children’s Choir presented its first ever musical–We Like Sheep by Kathie Hill.  And it was brilliant.  The cast went through their parts so expeditiously (for once!) that I couldn’t keep up in the script.  The Shepherd got his line, “You DO love me!  None of you wandered off while I was away!” on the first try for the first time.  I only screwed up like two endings (how on earth am I supposed to remember which songs repeat the last line two times and which songs repeat the last line three times…especially under pressure?!)  And I remembered to hit play and pause for our ram’s horn sound effect on time, every time.

For those of you who weren’t there (I am Janeen’s peon, so she had to be there to make sure I didn’t get into any mischief, and Lissette’s nephew, Danny, was Grimey–the star of the show–so she was definitely there!  Thaaaaanks, guys!) this is the basic idea–

There are a bunch of sheep in a field.  There’s a “bad” sheep (Grimey) who runs away.  The shepherd brings inquisitive little lambs to join the flock, counts the sheep, and sets off to find Grimey.  The merits of the shepherd are examined and praised.  The shepherd finds Grimey and brings him back, where all the (now repentant and kind) sheep welcome him back.  It’s kind of a mix between the story of the Lost Sheep and the passage “all we like sheep have gone astray”.  It’s cute, darling, entertaining, catchy, and TRUE.

Now for the pictures…

My own little lamb getting her nose painted on.

The happy sheep with their shepherd.  Josh (the shepherd) is remarkably photogenic.  So multi-talented, not only can he count to 100, he smiles, too!

The little lambs.  Aren’t their bonnets so cute?  Carmen made them.  On Friday afternoon.  Out of a curtain that had been donated to Community Services (our church’s local goodwill-type thing).

Older sheep, exasperated, “Boy were you born yesterday or something?”

Lamb, “Yeah, wast night as a madder of fact!”

“No matter how baaad we are, the Shepherd loves us!”

So, how do you like my last minute back drop?  I think it’s rather Snoopy-like, if I do say so myself.  And the hills are third cousins to cacti.  But you gotta love the cloud on the right.  <puff, puff>  And the flying sheep.

“Listen, you flea-bitten bag of fleece, nobody asked you to butt in!”  That’s Grimey on the right.

“Grimey’s come back home!”  My favorite part of the evening was when Grimey said in his little boy way, “You know, I’m still Grimey on the outside, but on the inside I’m not Grimey anymore!”  <sniff> This picture is almost the full cast.  Missing only two.

Me and Genevieve, our super-flexible, super-talented, super-star pianist.  May blessings be upon her and all others like her!  And there I am, shoulders hunched up and forward.  Every single picture of me has my shoulders hunched up and forwards.  They are approaching my ears now.  You can call me “Hunchback of We Like Sheep”.  But only until tomorrow when I go to yoga.

And for the sake of those out there, who like me, might be bemoaning the dearth of instructions on making sheep costumes on the internet:

We used white t-shirts and white scooter skirts from Target.  Black stockings for their legs and black stockings cut off at the crotch for the arms.  It gave the arms a cute Audrey Hepburn look.

For the boys, white shorts (very difficult to find…they actually ended up wearing girls shorts, but please don’t tell them that) and a white t-shirt.  The word “RAMS” is put on with black electrical tape.  Black sports socks for the arms and legs.  While I could get away with making them wear girls shorts, I don’t think they would have appreciated tights.

The ears are cut out of fleecy material and hot-glued onto headbands so that they open forwards.  The girls ears had bows glued on.  The lamb’s ears were pinned onto bonnets.  I was hoping the boys would put the headband on their forehead like an exercise band, but it was a no-go.

Black noses, pink cheeks.


7 thoughts on “We Like Sheep

  1. Absolutely incredible! I think you should post instructions and backdrop pictures everywhere! By the way, can I forward your group picture to kidology? By the way, the links to your entries up there say, “Up to my ears in . . . Sheep Ears That’s my girl!” Tee hee.

  2. P.S. I take offense to the whole peon business! I privileged enough to be associated with your awesomeness as if I had anything I could take credit for adding to your wonderful work with “our” kids.

  3. Wow! Everything is beautifu! I love your backdrop. The outfits worked out great – and much less stress than all the sewing. The bonnets are so cute Carmen, you are a genius, as always! I wish I had been there to watch. I can hardly wait to see the DVD. This is my favoritest – is that a word?! – musical – course I love Christmas, but no, this is my favorite est est est!

    Great Job! Beautiful Lia!

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  5. Thank you for the fast reply. The pictures helped a bunch!!! I can’t thank you enough!!!

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