Idea for Easter

I had a brilliant idea for next year’s Easter program while cutting french bread this evening.  Wouldn’t it be cool to take a metaphor for Jesus (such as the Bread of Life) and develop the entire Easter story from that perspective?  I saw a Bread of Life thing done a few years ago and it caught my fancy…  Mary is holding the swaddled babe, which is later unwrapped to reveal that it is a loaf of bread.  People come to listen and ‘eat’ of the Bread.  And at the end, they crucified the Bread and when they stabbed it “wine” poured out.  It was very cool.

Anyhow, we had bread with our minestrone.  Which turned out beautifully AGAIN.  And I have a whole pot stowed away in the fridge for tomorrow.  No PBJ for Sabbath lunch this week!  Hooray!  Being that it is cold and rainy this weekend (?!?!?!) I thought it was our last chance to serve hot soup until next fall.

Amelie is teething.  Therefore I have done basically nothing other than sit and hold a fussing baby for the last few days.  Besides making minestrone, of course.  Let us all just pray that these teeth do not take two months to appear, like the last two.


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