My ticker says that there are three days until we go to Guam.  My mom called today–she is so excited.  Or maybe it’s a tinge of hysterical insanity.  She’s been overseeing a very speedy complete overhaul/remodel/upheaval of her house.

But we’re excited.  I spent the last few dollars on my Nordstrom’s card today, and a number of my own dollars at Target.  It’s really quite an experience to have clothes that fit.  I even bought a pair of sunglasses in preparation for our upcoming tropical adventure.  I decided on the $6 pair.  And was rewarded by breaking them while trying to remove the tag.  We hadn’t even pulled out of our parking spot.

I made my first list this evening.  Not too bad with only two days to go.  I’m aiming for simple traveling this time.  There are two big things on the list: pack and garden.

Because we’re leaving our garden.  It’s like leaving a newborn out in the snow.  Or like leaving the proverbial bull in the teashop. I’m really worried about it.

We have over 20 tomatoes.  Green tomatoes.  Green tomatoes that aren’t going to ripen before Thursday.  My first tomatoes and I’m not going to get to eat them.  This is breaking my heart.  And freaking me out because I’ve worked so hard to stake and prune my tomatoes.  And you know what’s going to happen?  We’re going to leave, the temperature is going to hike up to like 100 degrees, and my tomatoes are going to go absolutely wild.  And when we get back there is going to just be a vast jungle of tomato wildness.

I’m worried.

What happens if the watermelon and pumpkin plants take over the yard?  What happens if my watering system doesn’t evenly water all the grass and some of it dies?  What if my new comfrey plants that I had to order from OREGON don’t survive the transplanting?  What if the weeds overpower everything?  What if the bugs come back and attack the basil again?  What if, what if, what if….?!

Well, I’ll just have to soothe my worry and garden-sickness lounging on a tropical beach, gazing out over the ocean while enjoying spectacular sunsets.  It’s a rough life, but someone’s gotta live it.

(This picture is like 2 weeks old.  Just imagine everything more…developed.)


5 thoughts on “Worry

  1. yes….as problems go….watermelon plants taking over the yard while one is sun bathing on a beautiful isle is the one to have. You have my sympathies….snort.

  2. I will miss you….give Heidi a hug for me. Is Emily going? If so hug her too and tell her she should get in touch with me. Have a safe trip!!!

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