And We’re Off

We’re off to Guam, bright and early tomorrow morning.  Or possibly dark and early tomorrow morning.  I don’t know.  I’m not ever up that early.

Things are mostly packed.  Every trip we decide that we really need to invest in new luggage.  I’m really keen on the duffel bag idea.  But by the time you pay for the tickets and look forward to paying for all the meals out and various other trip expenses, getting new bags feels like gluttony.  I think I will put “get new luggage” somewhere on the calendar randomly.

Some things planned for this trip are:

celebrating my grandparent’s 60 wedding anniversary and my Grandma’s 80th birthday

going dolphin watching

going to my cousin Heidi’s wedding…on the beach

camping on the beach




going around the island

eating delicious food…including the best pasta in the world


I should be posting at least occasionally from Guam so keep checking back…


2 thoughts on “And We’re Off

  1. Have a wonderful time and take lots and lots of photos! So many special memories to be made. God bless you all and maybe I will see you if you leave at around 5:45. I leave for work at that time. Have a safe trip!

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