First Days in Guam

We made it!!!  We got in Friday evening to a long night of frequently-waking baby.  Jet lag with small children is always fun.  At least there are enthusiastic grandparents to help with the 5am wakings.  Although I noticed that the 5am thing wasn’t as appealing on Day 2.

We went to the beach on Sabbath afternoon.  Lia was so glad to finally get to the beach, all the pictures show her little face lit up with delight.

Lia and my sister Liana.

Mom and her Seaweed Moustache.

The resident Fathers (or, as Lia calls them “our fathers”) with their golf ball cake…lovingly made and tasted by Lia and Liana and Mom.  There’s my Grandpa on the left and Jesse, my stepdad on the right.

And here we are all cozy on the couch, watching the Aristocats because Grandpa Jesse promised Lia that she could.  So she is.  Well, plus Amelie now, who has been woken up…because naps that start at 4:30 threaten that full night of sleep we are all hoping for.


2 thoughts on “First Days in Guam

  1. Can I come visit? Summer up here has meant a continual 60 degrees…that beach looks wonderful! 🙂 Glad you are all having such a grand time.

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