Should I go home or should I stay here?  Go?  Stay?  Definitely go.  Definitely stay.

I’m still undecided about changing our tickets.  My mom is doing an admirable job of not pressuring me to stay.  I can see it lurking in her eyes…she wants to grab me and shake me until I agree to stay.  But, instead, she uses subliminal messaging.  She sings Mr. Rogers’ song, “won’t you be my neighbor” incessantly.

Something I am NOT in a quandry about, however, is that I am tired of good food.  Well, more precisely, I am tired of cooking good food.  We came up with a food schedule for the family reunion.  So-and-so cooks on this day, so-and-so cooks on this day, etc, etc.  But the truth is that everyone cooks everyday…it’s just one person gets to choose the menu.  And because we have so dang many good cooks we spend all the time cooking or cleaning up after cooking.  And even though we only cook for one meal a day, we spend enough of the day cooking and cleaning for that one meal that there isn’t much time for doing other things.  Like swimming.  I’m really ready for opening cans and good ol’ PBJ.

Still on the food subject, I distinctly remember our family doing the same thing the last two times we were all together.  I think that next time we should go on a cruise.

And the thing is, the next two days are consumed with…you got it…cooking.  Chicken burritos for tomorrow night (special request) and then Heidi’s wedding on Tuesday (again, special menu request).  And then before we’ve even had time to assimilate the leftovers it will be the Fourth of July.  More cooking.  Which I may or may not be here for.

Which brings us back to the original quandry.  There are only a few more days I can fudge over making a decision.  But I guess I will milk those days to their fullest and then make a last minute decision and live with it.


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