I guess we’re…staying

Whether or not you’ve been waiting with bated breath…we decided to stay in Guam for another two weeks. So here we are.

Devo flew out yesterday and got to enjoy the loneliness and peace of flying sans small children. He made it safely home and says that the silence is deafening. And the garden is a jungle.

We spent our first day without Devo doing girly things with my aunt Carol and cousin Izzy. It was the first day in our whole vacation that my mom has been able to just relax and play. We set up a pop-up tent/house in the living room for the girls and Liana furnished it with baby dolls and blankets. We watched 27 Dresses. We put on a belly dancing exercise DVD and learned how to belly dance. At least in slow-mo. And then Izzy gave us our first lesson in salsa dancing. Now THAT was fun. Liana and I are working on our spins. After Izzy left, we turned on music and practiced. La Bamba, Mambo No. 5, the Disney version of Mambo No. 5, and “I’m Walking on Sunshine”. Crazy dancing. Amelie loves to dance with Grandma Patti.

Then we went swimming. Lia has learned to swim underwater since we came. And Amelie has learned to swim with her tube. Amelie has been feeling better and better teething-wise. Once her teeth didn’t take up all of her attention, she’s begun concentrating on talking and has tripled her vocabulary in the last three days. πŸ™‚ She’s living up to the meaning of her name…”industrious”.

It’s been a busy last week. On Sabbath we went in a big touring bus around the southern part of the island. All my pictures are on Devo’s computer…sorry. Sunday was the big anniversary party for Grandma and Grandpa. I got to see people I haven’t seen in years. Monday we went on a boat to go dolphin watching and snorkeling. There was a little itty bitty baby dolphin that was just darling.

And Tuesday was the wedding. A beautiful, perfect wedding on the beach. And the pictures!!! Oh, oh, oh. I’ll definitely hunt up a picture from the photographer. Stunning. I did Heidi’s hair and make-up and it turned out beautifully, if I do say so myself. She carried a single stem of these large dark purple orchids we got from Grandma’s neighbor’s yard.

My grandpa did the ceremony (which I put together…it couldn’t have been more than 20 minutes…just perfect). They did a sand ceremony instead of a unity candle. Pretty cool. Devo and I sang a song (“When God Made You”) as Heidi was walking down the ‘aisle’. But I was also trying to get the flower girls (Lia and Amelie) and the Bible boy (Jadyn) to come down the not so defined aisle and not wander off into the chairs. haha.

And the wedding feast was amazingly delicious. Barbeque–fish, chicken, steak, and vegetables. They grilled slices of kabocha squash and it was a hands down favorite. And then some Indian food. Frichik kelaguen salad and Jesse’s delicious finadene cucumber salad.

My aunt Marla Kae had made bundt cakes for the wedding cake…anything with icing wouldn’t have lasted two minutes out in the heat and humidity. She went to sprinkle powdered sugar on them before serving them and it was so funny to watch the sugar just disappear on the cake. The cakes were so damp the sugar melted.

It started pouring after the lunch and we have pictures of the bride and groom dancing in the rain in their wedding finery with a volleyball game going on in the background. And little Amelie, who thought the rain was the best thing that had ever happened to her.

Then we all went down to the deserted, private beach and played in the sand and water. Some people walked down to an old Chinese fishing boat that is abandoned off shore a little ways down. Then we packed up and went home before it got dark.

I’ll definitely get some pictures from somebody. It was just too beautiful not to share.

This has been a bit long and rambly, but it can’t be helped. πŸ™‚ I must go now and watch Jonas Brothers with Liana. “Jonas Brothers are AWESOME!”


10 thoughts on “I guess we’re…staying

  1. I knew it! πŸ™‚ I have been waiting with baited breath, but you’ve confirmed my suspicions. Enjoy the next two weeks to the fullest (I don’t have to tell you that, you already are)! Love the part about the couple dancing in the rain — need pictures!! πŸ™‚

  2. You have been very busy, but it sounds like lots of fun. I am glad that you stayed since it’s what you wanted to do. We will miss you in VBS though. Continue having a blast these next two weeks. God bless!

  3. You more relaxed already! Enjoy each moment and cherish all the fun memories your children are creating with their grandparents and great-grandparents. You are lucky to have the opportunity. I second Lissette’s, ‘we’ll miss you at VBS.’

  4. um…just because you are having a vacation doesn’t mean poor deb doesn’t need updates dear ….fork over the info….how was Heidi’s wedding? was Emily there too? what yummy foods are you making???? how is Devo fairing without his three pretty ladies?

  5. um…okay…it was early and my reading comprehension wasn’t what it should have been. but i still want another post!

  6. It’s been 10 days — you’re obviously still having plenty of fun (no time to blog?)! Or not enough…(nothing to write about?) πŸ™‚ Laura

  7. I am so glad you stayed. Hard to see you go, but knew you needed to go home to your honey. Glad you had a safe trip and that they slept half the way.

    I miss my swimming buddies – specially my dolphin princess Belle!

    Most of all I miss my sweet Leilani! Thank you for staying the extra 2 weeks – it was just too awful that you would leave before I got to spend a free minute with you!

    Love you so very very much.

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