Heidi & Kevin’s Wedding – 1

Finally the pictures from my cousin Heidi & Kevin’s beautiful Guam beach wedding. First installment. I’m sure if Heidi saw which pictures I chose, she would be like, “Why on earth did you choose those?” I chose them because I liked them…and there are a jillion beautiful photos…there are only so many hours in a day. Besides, she is probably so crazy busy with moving across town to Kevin’s place and preparing for their reception…not to mention being newly married…I don’t think she’ll ever find time to hunt up my little blog. Does she even know I have a blog? Anyhow, I’m safe. And I’m sure you will enjoy the few pictures I culled from the masses.

Here’s me being useful…not something I got to be very often on this trip. Somehow soothing a teething baby (8 freakin’ teeth…please excuse the *cough* strong word, but I really think 4 teeth and 4 molars deserves it) and being useful does not go hand in hand. I did Heidi’s hair and makeup and it turned out well, if I do say so myself. Of course, she was so beautiful because of her natural beauty mixed with happiness, but I was glad to help with a few of the details to bring it all together in one perfect package.

This is actually my favorite photo. I would title it, “Anticipation”. Or something equally cheesy. It’s the wedding party arriving. And most of the audience, as well. The beach was on the northern tip of the island (Urunao, for those of you to whom that means something) and to get to it from my mom’s house, you have to drive for almost an hour before taking off down a very long dirt road. And then you turn off and come down into the little private family beach/ranch.

A final lacquering of the hair and dabbing of the lip gloss. I love that we’re using the “boys” toilet. Has anybody seen “27 Dresses” and how she holds the wedding dresses for all the brides in the bathroom? That was me!

The musicians. Minus me. Probably the only time I will sing for a wedding processional while cajoling the flower girls and Bible boy. Sentimental song endings really benefit from the added vibrato of baby jiggling.  Yes, they did put on shirts before the wedding started.


One thought on “Heidi & Kevin’s Wedding – 1

  1. Perfect, ideal, fairy tale wedding come true! And the site was as close to heaven on earth as possible. (So was the company!)

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