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You’ve probably found out by now that I really dig Barbara Curtis.  Not her politics, perhaps, but her mommy-savvy.  I discovered her and her books shortly after Amelie was born and she has given me tools and ideas for intentional parenting that I couldn’t find before.  I’m definitely a better mother because of Barbara Curtis.

Which leads me to this article that she wrote about moms and blogs.  I actually have a bookmark folder titled “Mom Blogs”.  I love them.  Passionately.  I need ideas and encouragement and common stories. And I find them in mommy blogs.  I also find a wide range of just plain weird baby names.  But that’s besides the point.

Here are some of the random thoughts that came to me while reading the article:

One thought was in connection to her reference to the sense of community people find on the internet.  Community with a computer screen.  Do I like this idea?  Do I agree that the combination of anonymity and disclosure/exposure makes for true community?

Or is this wide and weird blogosphere supposed to function like a ball?  A Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice ball where Darcy “had not the honor of knowing anyone beyond his own party.”  To which Elizabeth retorts,  “And nobody can ever be introduced in a ballroom.”   Is a blogging community a means of that first introduction and common enjoyment?

Certainly true community (should I capitalize TRUE?  I’m speaking very idealistically here) must function face to face in common activities and common life.

Which isn’t to knock the important role that blogging plays in so many of our lives.  I’m just saying that there must be a better path.  A better way to be real.

Have any of you noticed that blogging makes relationships with people you already know a little … weird?  How many times have I gone to tell a friend about something important that happened to me this week and before I’ve even launched into the story they say, “Yeah, I read that on your blog.”  End of discussion. Wow, that was community-forming.

Or when you find out that someone you are randomly connected to has been reading your blog (and you don’t know because they never comment) and there is that brief pause in the conversation where you wonder…”does she still like me?”

And on the opposite side of the coin, sometimes I dream about starting a new completely anonymous blog where I can write about all the things I’m not supposed to talk about.  Or things I know will hurt someone’s feelings.  Or juicy gossip that is shows the vast interesting-ness of humans.  But I think about these things anyhow and believe them to be important and I know other people think about them too….  (There is that blog, Married to a Youth Pastorshe says it like it is).

But, then again, maybe I shouldn’t look at blogging as primarily relational but as a medium for stories.  To offer up one of my favorite quotes:

People create stories create people; or rather stories create people create stories. –Chinua Achebe

Yeah, I can philosophically agree with that.

Well, however you think about it, Mom Blogs Rock!


2 thoughts on “Blog Thoughts

  1. I personally feel that I have gotten to know you a lot better through your blod and I love that! A blog that you should check out is You will be encouraged! Let me know what you think.

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