The Garden Brings Forth…Weeds?

A word of advice:  Six weeks worth of weeds are very therapeutic for releasing any suppressed, residual, or unexpressed angst.  And if you have no pent-up angst handy, then six weeks worth of weeds are very good for starting a compost pile.

We started a compost pile.

Here are some of our lovely tomatoes.  For having 8 or 10 plants, I thought we’d be giving tomatoes away to the icecream man, but we’re getting just enough to keep us in tomatoes.  Maybe they could sense the absence of tender loving care while I was gone.  I have found that I definitely prefer Better Boys over Early Girls.  Better boys have more meat and less juice.  I’m talking about tomato varieties, people.  Sheesh.

And here is our corn!  I’m sooooo excited.  Everyone has been very defeatist about my corn, telling how their corn didn’t turn out…blah blah blah.  But I’m keeping my chin up and planning a corn party none-the-less.  Any ideas for a corn harvest party?

Behind the stalk of corn you can see a feathery plant…that is our cilantro that has overgrown and apparently gone to seed.  I interplanted cilantro between the corn rows, but wasn’t around to keep it from flowering.  I wasn’t around to keep any of my herbs from flowering.  <sniff>

We harvested our first carrots this week.  Some were pretty yummy.  Others were just okay.  It gives me a real thrill to see the tops of the carrots peeking out from the soil.

And last but not least, presenting our…WATERMELON!!!  We actually have two watermelons growing!  (See the flowery basil shading it?)


3 thoughts on “The Garden Brings Forth…Weeds?

  1. My tomatoes aren’t producing as much as they have in the past couple of years. We have had so much rain, low temperatures and high humidity, I’m sure that all plays into our smaller crop. I have heard about watermelon thieves. Better watch out!

  2. Some of my basil flowered too…which was a bummer. But I picked plenty of chives, oregano and broccoli last night! The corn and watermelon are very cool though. 🙂

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