Once a Month Shopping

I’m making inroads on my once a month shopping. So far it looks like once a week serious outlay of money. I’ve made a food inventory and I’m in the process of arranging it by store (costco, vons, henry’s) and by order of shopping in said store. I like lists, I’ve told you this.

And now, after several weeks of shopping with half-baked lists, I went to Costco on Monday and got everything that was on my list. Which really wasn’t so bad, considering I was doing catch-up shopping and one month’s worth of shopping, plus a little extra because I really have no idea how much toilet paper we use in a month.

But then we had to add in $50 worth of medication. My family has been sick and has depleted my supply of tylenol and cold medicine. Oh, yeah, and then there was that day that I forgot to put the shoebox of medicine back in the closet after dosing everyone before bed. Luckily Lia emptied out the full bottle of tylenol cold and the full bottle of benadryl onto the sprayable patio outside and not on the carpet or down her gullet. Santa Maria.

But on top of that $50, it was time to renew our membership. Another $100.

It didn’t feel very good, no matter how I reassured myself.

But we will see how it all pans out. I’ve put a ticker in the sidebar to keep me honest. And because the tomato is so nice and round and red.

I personally think I’ll need to go back before then. After all, I didn’t really buy enough bread for my pbj loving family. But I don’t have the freezer room.

I need a freezer. And nice big stand up freezer. Yes, I’m sure that’s the answer to all of life’s most difficult questions.


6 thoughts on “Once a Month Shopping

  1. I am SO with you on this! We’ve been trying – not so much to shop for the month, you crazy person – but to shop at stores with better prices, as opposed to JUST the large-very-convenient-store-down-the-street-with-expensive-produce. So hit THREE stores this last week – and while we THOUGHT we were doing well at each store, the end total about made me fall over.

    So I don’t think I’m going to shop next week. Even if it DOES mean running out of food.

  2. For the past two years I successfully implemented quarterly household shopping … but my husband and I don’t have children which no doubt makes our efforts easier. Also grocery shopping is weekly and will continue to be so. I’m unclear if your grocery shopping is factored into your monthly shopping … but I can’t imagine it could be since the children surely need milk … correct?

  3. Household shopping versus grocery shopping. Now that makes more sense. Finally, enlightenment! From what I’ve read, I’m ‘allowed’ to shop for fresh items throughout the month and just do the big shopping once a month. Usually I make it about a week and a half between needing fresh stuff. Although, we drink soymilk and have powdered milk for when it’s needed. 🙂

  4. Did you see on yahoo the family that feeds 6 on $350 a month? They had something called price match in their store, we don’t have that here.

    Good luck!

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