I read alot and I haven’t been nowhere near as faithful to the sidebar widget “I’m Reading” as I should be. I read three or four books for every book I remember to put on the sidebar.  And that is morally wrong because books are important.

Announcing the new widget on the right sidebar!  All the books I read, starting this month, with the most current book first.  We’ll see how many books I read in a year.  And how many books I re-read regularly.  And how balanced my diet is between Christian smut, Mrs. Pollifax, and theology.

Just a note before I go:  I read “Quaker Summer” by Lisa Samson last week.  It was Women of Faith’s book of the year last year.  It was really very good and is currently the book I suggest to everybody.  But I’ve always wanted to be a Quaker, so I was set up to enjoy it.  I also enjoyed her “Embrace Me”.  Refreshing.

I also have tried to read Kay Arthur’s “Israel, My Beloved.”  One of our teenage boys and I did a book swap a few Friday night’s ago.  He loves this book, and apparently so does his dog.  But I just can’t get into it.  It seems to be trying too hard.  Has anybody read it?  Should I try to forge forth?  And if not, how do I return it to him without saying, yeah I thought your favorite book was lame.  Eek.  Help.


3 thoughts on “Reading

  1. I have to say that I am not a big reader. My husband and children are. I started reading a book in our camping trip that Ruben finished. “The Shack”. It’s pretty good so far. I just have to finish it someday soon.

  2. Have you read The Last Sin Eater? Same author as Reedeeming Love (whose name I can’t remember). I got it for a birthday gift, just haven’t had a chance to read it yet…naps are too much of a focus. 🙂

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