We have brilliant children, not to boast or anything

“Love does not boast, love is not proud.”

Paul obviously wasn’t a parent. Or a grandparent.

So forgive me for a little indulgence in proclaiming the obvious brilliancy of my eldest daughter to not only you, faithful readers, but also the 200 people who visit my blog per day to look at a picture of Disney princesses. (Yes, google “disney princesses” and look what comes up first on the images page. Weird, but true.)

Last week or the week before, Lia (completely unencumbered by any parental pressure, suggestions, or even attention) wrote her name. By herself. Of her own volition. (And on that same day, Amelie learned to jump with both feet off of the ground. At the pool.)

Lia is currently 3 years, 8 months, three weeks.

According to our new schedule, Tuesday is “school day”. Which means we are supposed to go upstairs to the loft after the morning chores are completed and do school. Call it eclectic Montessori-like preschool. I have a bunch of games and doodads and puzzles and dominoes and felts from which Lia chooses what “school game” she wants to do. And we do the game (all the way to the end, whether she wants to or not…I think it’s important to learn to finish what you start), and then put it away and do another game. Until Mommy gets tired of it. (Sad but true.)

So today we headed upstairs and we were going to “learn to read”. I suggested it and Lia agreed. Shock number 1. So we sat down with Bob book number 1 and sounded out “M-a-t”. Then, shock number 2, we turned the page and Lia read “Mat sat.” No sounding out, no Mommy prompting. And then she read the next page, “Sam”. No sounding out, no Mommy prompting.

I just about fell over. Her attention started to wander then, so we worked together on the rest of the book, but the book is so short that we finished right before I completely lost her interest and attention. I couldn’t believe it. Reading!

Of course, Lia has been “reading” since before she turned 1. She can sit with books by the hour. Her favorite kind of book is a small-sized adult book. Preferably no pictures.

And, she’s done a few hours by now on Starfall which is such an excellent sounder-outer. (You’d never know from my vocabulary that I completed half of my teacher’s training, now would you.)

But I’m just so proud. And trying to underplay my excitement because there is a very strong gene in our family that operates on obstinateness. It wouldn’t surprise me if she doesn’t read another word until she’s like…8.

By the way, if you haven’t heard of Bob books, they are an excellent set of books for learning to read. Building on skills, etc. And entertaining without being dumb. For example, in our book today, the plot advanced to “Mat sat on Sam. Sam sat on Mat.” With a giggle-eliciting picture. (Lia didn’t even sound out “on”, either, btw, she just read it.)


4 thoughts on “We have brilliant children, not to boast or anything

  1. Amazing! That is totally awesome! Keep up the great work Lia. I just saw Micah reading a Dr Seuss book today too. It’s so cute! And he is just entering Kindergarten. Soo advanced! Reading your entry reminded me of Austin. He just loved to learn at an early age too.

  2. Woo hoo!! Hurray for Lia!!!! Reading is so much fun! Watch out Leilani, will she read in the shower?! Hurray for Amelie! She was working on the jump here, congratulations on getting Both Feet off the ground!!! I am so proud!!!

  3. CAT
    The Cat.
    The mat.
    The cat sat on a mat.
    Pat the cat. Pat, pat.
    Miaow! Miaow!

    Guam Great Grandma

  4. I LOVE it! What a fun time. I remember when I taught Pre-k how excited I was when they got their name for the first time. I can only imgaine what it will be like when Abby does it….I guess I should get my needle and thread ready….I am sure there will be a lot of button popping around my place!

    When did Amelie start walking? I don’t remember reading about that milestone around here.

    I love your blog!

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