Summer Penne

My Aunt Marla Kae’s Summer Penne. Actually, I don’t know what she calls it, but she served it to my cousins and I when we were crazy college kids (and one teenager) driving across the States and we stopped in for a visit. It turned into a much longer visit than we had planned. That’s what happens when delectable food is placed before you three times a day and you have nothing to do except eat it. It was a hard life, what can I say. This is one of the things she served us on that visit and I distinctly remember stuffing myself unabashedly.

Summer Penne is a perfect meal for when you have squash/zucchini coming out your ears. I think I killed our squash plant from spastic watering. Hence I had to buy my own squash. A travesty when some of you have so much squash you are putting it down your disposal when no one is looking. (Don’t do it! Disposals are not for grinding leftovers! Just a word from the now-wise.)

The queso melts in the hot pasta and is just yummmmy. I suppose that you could use fresh mozzarella or even regular mozzarella if you needed to. But the queso is so nice and light and salty, it’s just…perfection.

Marla Kae’s Summer Penne

Boil water, add salt, cook penne according to package directions.

Saute onions and garlic in a little oil. Add diced summer squash (preferably two or more colors) and diced tomatoes. Season with salt, pepper, and italian seasoning (or fresh basil and oregano from your garden !!!!).

Cube queso fresco into very small cubes. Queso fresco is a fresh, white mexican cheese. Do not buy queso fresco at Vons ($5.76!). This is not a specialty item in Southern California, don’t be fooled

Drain pasta, mix with squash. Add in queso a little at a time, stirring so that it doesn’t all melt and lump together.


2 thoughts on “Summer Penne

  1. Zucchini last Friday was close to $5/lb! I need to grow some in Grandpa’s garden and quit supporting Paymore grocery store!

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