I was pouring hot water out of our teapot this morning when the lid came off and my right hand got scalded by steam. I’d post a picture but it doesn’t look half as bad as it hurts, and I don’t want to look like a wimp.

I’ve spent much of the rest of the day doing Lamaze breathing (something I never used in childbirth, but often in regular situations), slathering aloe vera from our new-just-this-morning plant (we named her “Vera”) all over my fingers while trying to explain the intricacies of cacti to Lia–as well as define and describe “gel”, and trying a variety of other cooling methods. I really scorched it. Even now, four or five hours later is still burns like…a burn.

But as I was one-handedly drying and putting away the lunch dishes (Amelie was already down for a nap and that freed up my usable hand), I remembered a few of the funny things Lia has said recently.

Conversationally. “So, Pappie, how’s your nation?”


“Mommy, I’m going to be four and I’m going to graduate to Olive Garden.” It took a minute or two to realize that next week the 4 year olds in our Sabbath School are graduating to Kindergarten. Hahaha.  I wouldn’t mind graduating to Olive Garden.


6 thoughts on “Funnies

  1. I am so sorry about your burn. Ouch! And Lia is so cute! Yes, I would not mind graduating to Olive Garden either. We finally went to the new one after waiting in line for almost an hour.

  2. Your writing is so descriptive! I feel like I’m following you around the kitchen and experiencing it for myself (except for the burn…good thing).

  3. So sorry you’re hurting. We will absolutely have to go and comiserate at Fruyu. My thumb is still sore. See you sooner rather than later. 🙂

  4. Something I remember from my days of playing with hair spray and potato guns (now I just use compressed air). After melting a patch of skin off the inside of my arm with hot hairspray exhaust, I discovered that coating a burn with hairspray really takes the sting away.

  5. Many years in the restaurant business taught me the best way to deal with a burn is ice. The human body has the uncanny ability to keep burning – I’d wager that the heat causes a change at the cellular level which continues in a chain reaction to surrounding cells. Soaking in ice water or covering with an ice pack takes the burn out. Keep icing until you can move the injured area close to DRY heat (Never Moist!) without feeling the burn start up again.

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